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CityLookup is a spreadsheet add-on that finds and extracts city names from address and location data.

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CityLookup can output just a city name, or complete city, state / province, and country information.

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CityLookup works with location data already in Google Sheets. Excel support is planned.

Support & FAQs

CityLookup is an add-on for Google Sheets that outputs a standardized city name from any input.

Call CityLookup over a range of location data like this:


and it will find and return the city from each cell.

Simply enable the add-on for the spreadsheet where you want to match or de-dupe city information. We've used it for address data, CRM exports, job postings, real estate listings, and more.

CityLookup is free to use up to 100 lookups per day. If that's insufficient, we offer an unlimited version for $19.99 / month, which allows an unlimited number of CityLookup calls. You may upgrade within the CityLookup add-on by clicking the upgrade button from the sidebar. Upgraded subscriptions may be cancelled at any time.

Yes. Call CityLookup with an (optional) second argument of 1, and the output will include the complete city, state/province, and country. For example:

=CITYLOOKUP(address, 1)

Please note that to successfully output state and country information, the input must contain more information than a single city name. For example, "Springfield" will always return the city name only, but "Springfield MO" will return "Springfield, MO United States".

Please contact us with any problem cases. We are always improving our lookup algorithm and will aim to resolve any issues.

Suggest a city for us to add to CityLookup.

CityLookup currently finds and matches the largest cities across the world, and many smaller cities in the US. We're always adding more cities to improve our coverage and accuracy.

No. Geocoding converts addresses into geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude).

CityLookup simply finds and outputs clean city, state, and country information from inputted data. This is often good enough for plotting on maps, but should you need geocoding, there are other services and APIs that specialize in that area.

CityLookup does not yet support Excel but we plan to in the future. In the meantime, you may open your spreadsheet or paste your data into Google Sheets and use CityLookup there.

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